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About Eleanna

Eleanna Santorinaiou is a writer director who lives between London and Athens. She studied Philosophy & History of Science in the National & Kapodestrian University of Athens. In 2012 she continued her studies in London Film Academy. She is the Artistic Director of the children stage of Fournos Centre of Digital Arts in Athens, Greece. Since February 2023 she is attending the prestigious National Film & Television School (NFTS) in London for "Directing Commercials"


Throughout her work - as a whole – she focuses on human relationships - the idea of family, the one we have and the one we make, childhood and loneliness. Her characters are always "carrying" an heirloom from their salad days. Through these “micro-histories” she wants to raise issues that go beyond borders, beyond the characters’ lives and are universal.

She has been participated on Riff Directors Lab (2021), Cannes Series Writers Club (2022) and she was a semi finalist on Sundance Screenwriters Lab (2015). She has been funded by the Greek Government for her latest short film. Her films have gone into festivals around the world.

Her latest short film "Until You See Me" got selected on the Oscar Qualified Drama International Film Festival.


She is developing her first series "Shut Up & Swim" with Script Compass.


An eye opening experience was her collaboration with Yorgos Lanthimos. In February 2020 she participated as 3rd AD and an assistant to Ms. Emma Stone for Lanthimos' short film "Bleat" commisioned by the Greek National Opera. The short film premiered with live orchestra in May 2022 in Athens, Greece.

In June 2020 she collaborated with Stegi Onassis Foundation & Theatrum Mundi's associate Fani Kostourou. They created the project "Do You Hear Athens" a 24-hour audio piece compiled from 101 recordings made from balconies in different neighbourhoods of Athens.

In June 2021 Eleanna continued this project by writing a radio play based on the soundscape they have created.

As a strong believer in children and their power she also makes art for them. Eleanna has been collaborating for 15 years with Theatre Fournos in Athens making children plays since 2008. She has written and directed 5 shows that have been seen by more than 200K people. Her show "Apples, Cinnamon & Sugar" has been the longer running play for children in Athens and it is on since December 2008. It is now turned into a digital game supported by the Greek Govenrment. During the pandemic she took the initiative to write,direct & produce with the collaboration of Fournos team Audio Tales for young children, which were offered for free and they are now available on Spotify.

Being Greek and living in London, she is proud to say that she combines both English & Greek elements in her work, a hybrid of both cultures.

Award of Merit



New Director




Screenwriter's Lab



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Cannes Series Festival

Writers Club 2022

TV Series "Shut Up & Swim"

Reykjavik International Film Festival

Talent Lab 2021

Feature Film "Marabados"


Official Selection - 10th International Video Poetry Festival 2022

Video Poem "Baby"

Daily Short Pick - Film Shortage

Video Poem "Baby"

Covid - 19 Support Scheme - Greek Ministry of Arts

Short film "Until You See me", selected for financial support, 15th out of 1100 scripts.


Benton Park Film Festival 2019

Short film "Pub & Such", official selection.

Nukhu Fest 2018

Short film "Pub & Such", official selection.


Screencraft Film Fund Fall 2017

Short film script "Bad Reception", quarter finalists.

Sundance Screenwriter's Lab 2015

Feature script "Praying Mantis" which was considered for the International Entry and was selected to the final 20.

Best Shorts Competition 2013

Award of Merit for short film "Parson & Son"

London Greek Film Festival 2013

Best New Director award,  for short film "Do you Remember when We Used to Go to the Sea?"


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