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"The Promise- My Poor Marat"- 2019
Fournos Theatre - Athens Greece

Winter. In an occupied city, three teenagers, Lika, Leonidik and Marik, meet each other under difficult circumstances of the war. Together, they try to survive, to learn how it is to fall in love and to dream for the future.

When the war is finished and the teenagers become adults, they have to face their dreams, the promises they gave to one another and the relationships they had formed during the war years.

Alexei's Arbuzof classic play "The Promise - My Poor Marat" is a coming of age story about three teenagers who fall in love, envision and face their own dreams. It was presented in Fournos Theatre from the 21 of January 2019 - 2nd of April 2019, adapted and directed by Eleanna Santorinaiou.



Panagiotis Gavrelas

Connie Zikou

Errikos Miliaris

Production Team

Translated in Greek: Yorgos Sevastikogloy

Adapted - Directed: Eleanna Santorinaiou

Dramaturge: Georgina Germanou

Lighting Designer: Apostolis Tsatsakos

Composer: Fanis Zachopoulos

Music Production: Orestis Petrakis

Trombone: Christos Spiliopoulos

Contra basso: Demitris Tasainas

Sound Effects: Elia Kalogianni

Set & Costume Designer: Giorgina Germanou

Movement Director: Phaidra Soutou

Photos - Poster - Video: Christos Simaionidis

Director Assistant: Leda Koutsodakalou

Make up: Cathy Jones

Origami: Anna Santorinaiou

Communication: Demitris Chaliotis

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