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Since 2008 collaborates with Fournos theather in Athens. For the last 14 years she has been writing and directing plays for children.

Eleanna has written and directed 5 plays for children, which includes "Apples, Cinnamon & Sugar" - the longest run for a children show in Athens - It has been running since 2008 until present day.


Each play is an introduction to the magical world of theatre for the audience ages of two to five years old. Through puppets, live action, and an interaction between them and the audience, Eleanna has managed to provide a pleasant first experience to the tiny theatre goers.


All five plays has been performed in Fournos Theatre & Centre for Digital Culture in Athens. One of her productions, “The Boy with the Blue Hair" received a donation from the Stavros Niarchos Foundation."Apple, Cinnamon & Sugar",  “The Boy with Blue Hair” and  “The Sweetest Recipe”, have been invited to London by The Hellenic Centre to perform for the Greek community.


After the success of her plays, Eleanna’s next project is an Educational App/digital game for tablets & Phones funded by the Greek government which is based on the play "Apple, Cinnamon & Sugar".

Eleanna’s dream is to gradually create a web channel where the character’s world will expand beyond the stage.

Apple, Cinnamon & Sugar


A grandmother decides to bake an apple pie for her grandchildren. What a disaster! She discovers that at her home she has only ruby, juicy cherries and no apples at all. What can she do? She decides to find someone who would like to exchange her yummy cherries for some apples. Very soon she realizes that this is not an easy task. She begins a journey where she meets different characters who have different needs. She walks very far away from home, but eventually she does find the apples she needs and she proves to everyone that if we want something that much we can find ways to succeed. December 2008 - present.


In addition to the play, an interactive Game/App is being developed. The child will have the chance to interact with Grandma Fedonia and help her through her journey looking for apples.  I am the writer/director and creative producer on this project, which is funded by the Greek Ministry of Arts.

It will launch later this year.

Mark the Cat

Mark is a happy, amazing and proud cat. He lives with his owner Mrs Flora in a small house. He is the happiest cat of them all and he can’t complain for a thing. But everything will change when a puppy dog comes uninvited to their front door. Mrs Flora feels sorry for him and decided to adopt him. Mark feels that little by little he looses Mrs Flora and his place in his house. In order to gain her back, he decided to change himself and become something better than what he already is. September 2010 - December 2017

Joy's Window

Joy can see everything outside her window. Everyday she greets her friends and sings to them. She is a very happy little girl with a big smile on her face. But one day, everything is going to change as her parents inform her that they are moving neighborhoods. What is it going to happen to all her friends? Is she ever going to see them again? A story about changes in our lives and true friendship, with lots of music and songs. September 2012- May 2015

The Boy with the Blue Hair

 F.R., from Fearless, is a sweet mellow boy. He is very smart, but a little bit too shy and timid, as he is the only blue hear person in a town where everyone has red hair. His best friend is Merber, a little creature made from old fabrics and worn out clothes, his Nana made him when he was just a little baby. When F.R. looses Merber in the  Forest of the Colours and Shapes, he has to face his fears and go to look for him. In the forest, he will go through lots of different adventures and he will meet lots of great new friends who will help him find Merber. An interactive play with a lot of songs that deals with the issue of confrontation our fears, our differences and  the power of friendship. September 2015 - present

Click photo for trailer

The Sweetest Recipe

Sweet Steve, is a mellow and chubby baker who lives in Cloudtown, the place where all the fairy-tales characters live. Every day he bakes delicious desserts and magical sweets for the enchanted people of Cloudtown. When he hears that humans on earth are very sad, he decides to help them and offer them a gift – the sweetest, the most delicious recipe that he had ever made. Soon enough he will understand that to make the recipe is not a piece of cake. January 2018 - Present


Since 2009 I have been collaborating with the theatre and I have written and directed five plays for the very young audience

of 2,5 to 7 years old.

As a result of the crisis the theatre will be closed for this season. Nevertheless we wanted to offer to our younger audience

a present for the days that they have to stay at home.

With our team and friends of the theatre I have been producing, writing and editing Audiobooks. We will be releasing one every Thursday.

(at the moment there is only a Greek version)

For the YouTube link, click here.

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