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Baby - A Poem

A short video essay that explores the beginning of a new life, as the narrator wonders whom this little baby will become.

In one sentence this video is about being hopeful and optimistic. It's about the faith that a new life has a lot of potential and with nurture and love can evolve to a beautiful life, rich in experiences, people and journeys.


Narrator | Togo Igawa

Starring | Baby Laura Aurora



Director | Eleanna Santorinaiou

Director of Photography | Yury Sharov (London Shots)

Music | Fanis Zachopoulos

Music Production | Orestis Petrakis

​Sound Design & Mixing  | Soda - Sound

The Full Poem

I saw a baby today.
I saw you today.

New to this world - brimming with life.
Powerful, yet still weak.
New to your senses and emotions.

The joy of every day wonder.
Never settled!
You bring hope.

Discovering your own self.
Inch by inch.
Everything is a first time.
Learning & adjusting to life as we know it.

Your potential, not yet explored,
not yet exploited.
Constantly becoming as you grow.

I wonder what will you bring?
Who will you become?
How will you manage yourself?

It is a path, only you can create.
And yet I know this...

You will walk many streets,
protesting, exploring, thinking.

You will run. Until your heart explodes, until
you feel free or safe.
Letting go of the insignificant things.

You will wonder.
A long road full of discoveries and adventures.
You might slow down - you might need this...
But you will move on again.

You will travel. Near by or far
away, there is going to be a journey.
I wonder will you absorb it with all of your senses?

You will read and write wondering what is the point...until you find one.

You will laugh and you will cry.
Sometimes on the same occasion -
Life is bizarre that way.

You will be told what to believe and who you are.

You will feel betrayed, unimportant, worthless.
You will fight to exist.
Never listen. Never give up!
Life is tough that way.

You will dance. Leading the way!
I can promise you that.

Sometimes you’ll be petrified
unable to move but...

As you go, as you grow you will
know who you want to be. What you stand for.

You will make friends, lovers, old lovers,
old-friends, enemies...

You may feel alone and misunderstood.
Still! You will matter.
You will thrive.

You will create something that is
yours and yours only.

You are the captain.
And you have already begun.

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